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Nokia 1616 Cheap Mobile Phone

The Nokia 1616 is a cheap mobile phone, yet it is also robust, user-friendly phone with a large colour display, Nokia Life Tools, and a host of other handy features. Buy Nokia 1616 Cheap Mobile Phone SIM Free.

Features of the Nokia 1616 include:

  • Dual Band (GSM 850 & GSM 1900)
  • Compact Casing 107.1 x 45 x 15 mm
  • Changeable Cover
  • FM Radio
  • 1.8 Inch TFT 65k Colour Screen (128 x 160 Pixels)
  • SMS (Text Messaging)
  • Flash Light
  • Internal Memory
  • Screen: 1.8 Inch TFT 65k Colour Screen (128 x 160 Pixels)
  • Dual Band (GSM 850 & GSM 1900)
  • 8.5 Hours GSM Talk Time
  • 540 Hours Standby
  • Weight: 78.55 g
  • Dimentions: 107.1 x 45 x 15 mm

Nokia 1616 Cheap Mobile Phone

About the Nokia 1616 Cheap Mobile Phone

The Nokia 1616 is a classic shaped handset which comes with slightly curved edges & its casing has a solid feel. The overall size of the casing is 1.5cm in depth by 4.5cm in width by 10.71cm in height which provides the user with a neat & compact shaped mobile phone. This handset is lightweight weighing a total of 78.55 grams including its fitted battery. This phone supports changeable covers & is available in a black, dark blue, dark grey & a dark red coloured casing. This compact Nokia mobile phone has a 1.8 Inch TFT type screen which displays up to sixty five thousands on this screen. This coloured TFT screen supports coloured backgrounds & the user can change their wallpapers to suit their style. The keypad is situated neatly below the screen & navigation control key. This keypad has well spaced out keys & it is a dust resistant keypad.

The user will find a Nokia battery, user guide & a compact battery charger including in the box complete with their Nokia 1616 mobile phone. Its battery can be recharged easily using the charger provided & when it is fully charged the user can gain approximately eight & a half hours of GSM talk time. There is a changer connection port which can be easily located on the handset & allows the user to insert their compact charger to recharge the fitted battery with ease. The Nokia 1616 supports internal memory which allows the user to store their contact details, text messages & ringtones on the phones memory. It works over dual band GSM networks which cover GSM 850 & GSM 1900. The phone will automatically switch between the two networks to provide the user with the best connectivity.

The user can create, store, send & receive text messages & picture messaging on their mobile phone. A text message can contain text which can be shared with all SMS compatible mobile phone contacts. This messaging service allows the user to communicate with others without even making a call. The user can share pictures & images using a picture messaging service on the Nokia 1616. It integrated phone book feature can hold up to five hundred contacts complete with their contact numbers. The user can create & enjoy a multiple phone book feature on their handset. There is a call log which stores a log of all calls received, dialled & any missed calls. This phone comes with a call tracker feature & the user can make calls at high speed using the speed dialling feature.

The phone has a power save mode which automatically provides the user with a power saving eco friendly feature on their new handset. There is an integrated flash light function which turns this mobile phone into a torch. The Nokia 1616 comes with a built in FM radio which allows the user to enjoy a music listening experience for entertainment purposes. The radio comes with easy to use features & the user can enjoy listening to their favourite radio station on their mobile phone. The 1616 supports polyphonic sound & MP3 ringtones. It comes complete with an alarm clock feature with a speaking clock function.

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