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Nokia 1800 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 1800 mobile phone is not only an affordable cheap phone but is also dependable and has a number of great features like a TFT display and amazing battery life.

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Nokia 1800 Key Features

  • Lightweight Bar Shaped Design
  • Weight 78.5 Grams
  • 1.8 Inch TFT 65k Colour Screen (128 x 160 Pixels)
  • SMS (Text Messaging)
  • Torch
  • Changeable Cover Screen
  • Imaging
  • Wallpapers
  • Sound
  • FM Radio
  • MP3 Ringtones
  • Entertainment
  • Preloaded Games
  • Organiser
  • Phone Book
  • Calendar
  • Clock
  • Alarm Clock
  • Call Log
  • Redial
  • Torch
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Connectivity
  • Ringtones: MP3 grade ringtones and 32-polyphonic ringtones (built-in)
  • Network
  • Dual Band (GSM 900 & GSM 1800)
  • Personal Information Management (PIM)
  • Speaking alarm clock
  • Large SMS storage (up to 250 messages)
  • Contacts: up to 500 entries
  • Speed dialling
  • Logs of dialled, received and missed calls
  • Integrated handsfree speaker
  • Call tracker
  • Memory & Talk Time
  • Internal Memory
  • 8.5 Hours Talk Time
  • 528 Hours Stand
  • Dimensions: 107 x 45 x 15.3 mm


Nokia 1800 Mobile Phone

More about the Nokia 1800 Mobile Phone

The Nokia 1800 is a simple mobile phone which has been made with ease of use & communication in mind. It has a very simple design and comes with a solid bar shaped casing. This handset supports changeable covers allowing you to change the whole look of their phone by simply changing their covers. Its casing measures 10.7cm tall by 4.5cm wide by 1.53cm deep in its bar shaped form. Its classic bar shaped form gives this handset a solid feel & the casing weighs only 78.5 grams.

It has a 1.8 Inch screen which is a TFT type screen & supports a colour display. This screen can display up to sixty five colours for you to enjoy when viewing colourful wallpapers on their phone. Just below the screen there is a large square shaped navigation key which allows you to control their phones menu selection & you can select their options easily using this control.

The Nokia 1800 has easily positioned call start & call end keys which are clearly marked for ease of use, as a green phone icon is to indicate starting a call & a red phone icon indicated call end. Its keypad is well spaced out which makes it easy for you to input text at high speeds whether the input is numeric or alphabetic on this keypad.

The Nokia 1800 has a phone book feature which allows you to store all their contact names & numbers in one easily located place. This phone comes with a built in calendar feature which allows you to keep track of those important dates. There is a clock feature which allows you to check the time during & this clock has an alarm alert feature. you can create, send, receive & store SMS text messages on their Nokia 1800. A SMS message can contain text including alphabetic & numeric text plus you can insert & created smiley type icons using text & punctuation keys.

This handset comes with preloaded games which allow you to enjoy a game when the mood takes them. There is a built in FM radio feature which means you can enjoy a mobile radio experience on their mobile phone. you can enjoy hearing their ringing tones & alerts in MP3 sound. An integrated torch feature allows you to turn their Nokia 1800 into a portable torch at a flick of a switch which is both useful & a good safety feature. There is an alarm clock feature which you can use as a wakeup alarm or the alarm can be used as a reminder alert.

The Nokia 1800 supports a call log which allows you to access calls which you has made, received & missed. A redial feature allows you to redial a contact quickly & easily using this feature. The 1800 works over a dual band GSM network which includes GSM 900 & GSM 1800. This phone can automatically switch between each network band without you needing to do anything what so ever. It comes with internal memory which allows you to store their contacts details & ringtones on their phones memory. There is a battery which comes with this mobile phone & when fully recharged the battery can provide up to 8.5 hours of GSM talk time or approximately 528 hours of battery standby time.

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