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Nokia Bluetooth Devices

Nokia have now started releasing their range of Bluetooth devices. This include the Nokia 6310i 6310 7650 8910 6650 3650 mobile phone, HDW-2 Wireless Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth Connectivity Card (PC Card), Wireless Bluetooth Car Kit CARK112.

Nokia 6310 Bluetooth Mobile Phone

Bluetooth - 360 of freedom

Nokia Bluetooth Mobile Phone (Nokia 3650, Nokia 6310, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 7650 - data only, Nokia 6650, Nokia 8910), lets you connect around corners with its integrated Bluetooth module supporting both data and audio connections. With Bluetooth you can connect wirelessly to a compatible PC or other Bluetooth-enabled device up to ten meters away. You don't need a direct line of sight to make the connection with your phone and PC - you can even leave it in your bag while you surf the Internet or check your email using your Nokia phone as a GSM modem! So now you can really cut the wires that tie you down.
Nokia 8910 Bluetooth Phone Nokia 6310i 6310 Bluetooth Phone
Nokia 7650 Bluetooth Phone (data only - not voice) Nokia 3650 Bluetooth Phone

Nokia Bluetooth Accessories: LESS WIRE - MORE LIFE

Expand your wireless freedom with Bluetooth accessories for your Nokia 6310 mobile phone or the Nokia 7650. Bluetooth lets you establish an automatic wireless connection within a 10-meter range between your phone and these hands-free accessories.

No line-of-sight requirements, no need for any cables. Nokia Bluetooth accessories are automatic, wireless, and simple to use.
Wireless Headset, Bluetooth HDW-1  

Wireless Headset, Bluetooth HDW-2

The Nokia HDW-2 Bluetooth Headset (Bluetooth 1.1) supports both "Headset" and "Handsfree" Profiles. This means that it will work with Bluetooth capable phones (voice) on the market.

Features at a glance:

  • Weight: 25 g
  • Size: 20 cc
  • Up to 10 meters range
  • Rechargeable 170 mAh NiMH, user changeable battery
  • Talk time: up to 3 hrs; Standby time: up to 60 hrs
  • Connects Up to 8 Paired devices, one at a time

Compatible with Nokia 3650, Nokia 6310, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6650, Nokia 8910 mobile phones and other mobile phones supporting the Bluetooth 1.1 specification and Handsfree or Headset profiles.

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Wireless Car Kit, Bluetooth CARK112

The Wireless Car Kit CARK112 keeps your Nokia (6310, 6310i, 8910) connected while in the car. Voice dialling with the Wireless Car Kit is convenient and unobtrusive. CARK-112 also answers and end calls and adjust volume with a Remote Control Button. The car radio mutes automatically while you receive and make calls, and the ignition sense functionality makes an automatic connection to your phone when you turn on the ignition.

The CARK-112 is available to buy from mPhone online store. BUY CARK112 NOW

  Wireless Car Kit, Bluetooth CARK112
Bluetooth Connectivity Card DTL-4

Bluetooth Connectivity Card DTL-4

The Connectivity Card DTL-4 was released and withdrawn by Nokia, probably due to technical problems. mPhone can offer instead, other makes of PC Cards (PCMCIA):

These Bluetooth PC Cards, allow you to synchronise calendar, task list, and phonebook data between your phone and your PC without taking your Nokia or other Bluetooth Phone, out of your briefcase.

These PC Cards also let you transform your Bluetooth Phone into a wireless modem, so you can browse the Internet or send e-mails. It will allow you to connect up the Notebook to GPRS, if the phone is GPRS enabled as well (and you have a subscription to the service).

Note that these cards are not designed for any voice connections, only for data.



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