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Nokia CK-7W Advanced Car Kit

Nokia CK-7W Advanced car kit key features:

  • Handsfree communication
  • Two connection options: Wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection and through cable via the Pop-Port™ connector
  • Call handling and volume adjustment via Remote Control Button
  • Car radio mute
  • Ignition sense detection
  • External loudspeaker output
  • Audio line out
  • Mobile phone charging - depending on selected holder
  • Voice tag activation - requires phone support
Nokia CK-7W Advanced Car Kit

The Nokia CK-7W can be used as a Bluetooth Car kit or as a hard-wired car kit with holder. mPhone also offer these two types with a variety of installation options.

Buy Nokia CK-7W Bluetooth Car kit
Buy Nokia CK-7W Hardwired Car Kit for Pop-port phones

Buy Nokia CK-7W Bluetooth Car kit (equipment only or with installation

Buy Nokia CK-7W Hardwired Car Kit for Pop-port phones (equipment only or with installation)

The Nokia Advanced Car Kit offers convenient handsfree communication while in a vehicle. It works wirelessly using Bluetooth wireless technology and can also be connected with a compatible mobile phone holder, providing compatibility with a broad range of mobile phones.

Nokia CK-7W Features

Manage your time more efficiently and manage your calls while on the go with the Nokia Advanced Car Kit. It offers convenient, easy-to-use handsfree communication in a vehicle, and allows you to connect your phone via the Pop-Port™ connector or wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection.

An automatic radio mute turns down the tunes while you're on a call, and with a single button you can activate name dialing*, answer and end calls, and adjust the volume.

The Nokia Advanced Car Kit is compatible with a broad range of mobile phones through its two connection options - either wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection or through cable via the Pop-Port™ connector.

Wireless Connection with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth technology can establish a wireless connection with the Nokia Advanced Car Kit. Once paired with your phone, the kit automatically activates the connection when you start the ignition. Just slide in, buckle up, and you're ready to go.

Plug In to Pop-Port

Simply pop your compatible phone into the holder mounted in the vehicle and the Nokia Advanced Car Kit takes over your communications. Some compatible Nokia mobile phone holders can also charge your phone, so you can have a fully powered-up battery when it's time to leave the car.

*If supported by your phone

Nokia CK-7W Specifications

The Nokia Advanced Car Kit contains:Nokia CK-7W components

  • Handsfree Unit HF-5
  • Microphone HFM-8
  • Remote Control CU-7
  • External HF Speaker HFS-12
  • Mounting Plate MK-2
  • Power Cable PCU-4
  • Data Cable CA-27
  • User and Installation Guide

Supported Interfaces


Bluetooth 1.1 specification supporting Handsfree profile 1.0


Pop-Port™ connector

Handsfree Unit HF-5


135 g


125 x 85 x 30 mm

Data Cable CA-27


25 g

Dimensions (length)

1500 mm

Remote Control Button CU-7


20.2 g


38 x 28 mm

External Loudspeaker HFS-12


220 g


1600 x 88 mm

Microphone HFM-8


20 g


40 x 23.6 mm

Nokia CK-7W Compatibility

For Nokia CK-7W compatibility see the holder list..>>

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